“La Boca Ranch” Tunquen

Beach view 3 Bedroom 2,300 ft2

(12,500 UF) An amazing house with view of the ocean view and Algarrobo bay, with swimming pool, and built to withstand earthquakes. Surrounded by patios, barbecue pit and natural gardens. Spanish thought out the house.

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Built In The Year 2000 Considering The Following Archetectonics And Landcaping Criterias

      • Protect the environment during and after construction was the number one priority.
      • The house was oriented toward south to take full advantage of advantage of the ocean view and Algarrobo bay.

    • Orient the windows to maximize the sun light from every  were the whole year. 
    • The house was built to have patios, gardens and spacious areas focused in maintaining the green utilizing the least water possible using drip system irrigation.
    • The gardens still maintain most of the native flora preserving the native environment.
  • The house has a swimming pool surrounded by pines and other trees and vegetation, keeping the view and maintaining the privilege of views.   
  • All wooden decks are built with treated wood, keeping open the best views to the ocean.
  • Built over a strong concrete foundation surrounding the house to tolerate the strongest earthquakes common in the area.
  • Total property Area : 1.3 Ac
  • Built Area :  2,300 ft2
  • Patios & Wood Decks :  56,200 ft2
  • North area built with straw bales and concrete, wood, native wood columns.
  • All glasses are 10 mm
  • The roof  framing was built with treated wood, impermeable with a 2mm polypropylene membrane and insulated with 4” fiberglass insulation.
  • Main support columns are treated wooden, fine southern Chilean Wood (Mañio).
  • The outside stucco is a double treatment of a impermeable material (Martelina)
  • Chimneys at living area and main bedroom.
  • Wooden stove at main living/dining area and main bedroom.
  • Spanish tile in the whole house, except bedrooms.
  • Bedrooms covered with floating wooden floors(10mm).
  • Marble counters in both of main bathrooms.
  • Stone counter in Kitchen
  • 210 ft deep water well, 250 cc/sec
  • Underground concrete water tank. 45 PSI Hidro-pack to supply the house water.
Solar System :
Main System:
  • 3,500W Outback Inverter / 8 – 200 W solar panels / 08- 200 Amps Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Secondary System (Back up):
  • 2,400W Xantrex DR2424E invertir/ 6 – 75 W solar panels / 6 – 115 Amps Deep Cycle Batteries
Tertiary System:
  • 450 W windmill turbine attached to the primary system
  • Generator – Kipor (6,7 KVA)